CTEC Approved 60 Hour Course
CTEC Approved 20 Hour Course
CTEC Approved 15 Hour Course
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60 Hour Information 

Our 60 hour CTEC approved basic course in professional income tax preparation is designed to introduce students to all areas of the federal and state income tax laws, theory, audit, and practice. The lessons will provide a good foundation in the technical, practical, and experiential areas within all the various areas within the tax filing industry that will prepare and get you started in your own professional practice.


 20 Hour Information

Our 20 hour CTEC approved course is designed for those tax professionals who have successfully completed a CTEC approved 60 hour course in their first year, and now is in need of completing a continual education for renewal of their CTEC registration.


 15 Hour Information 

Our 15 hour CTEC approved course id designed for those tax professionals who have moved into the state of California, and need to meet the California State requirements in order to preparer tax returns in California legally.

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